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NanoDev is a university spin-off company focusing on R&D based technology production. It has been founded in early 2010 by the technology venture capital support of Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Industry and Trade. After an incubation period of one year at the METU’s (Middle East Technical University) OSTIM Technopolis, NanoDev has moved its office to Cyberpark, Bilkent University.
NanoDev is dedicated to design and manufacture high-end automated opto-electronic instruments that are embedded with high-tech know-how bringing high added value. Domestic production of such instruments is our initial motivation. We develop both software and hardware components in-house and thus have the privilege to offer our end-users in research labs, industry and public sector cost-effective and custom made solutions allowing them to embed their needs and ideas into the device. Further we give our end-users the flexibility for any further modifications on the device according to their research and diagnostic purposes. For our domestic end-users our location enabling fast and low-cost technical support is a very big advantage.
Though NanoDev exists for only one and a half year, taking pride and advantage of its founders and co-founders’ years-long scientific research and know-how accumulation we have reached a product portfolio including a multi-functional SPR Imager System, a compact Handheld SPR Reader, a Fluorescence Optical Microscope and a Desktop Photolithography Instrument. Besides on-going researches are focused on design and manufacturing of a Laser Scanning Confocal Attachment and a Visible Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.
Tubitak Silikon Vadisi

Tubitak Silikon Vadisi

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Firmamız Ocak 2014 ayında TUbitak desteğiyle Silikon Vadisine gönderilmiştir.
Nisan 2014
5. Biltronik Yarışması

5. Biltronik Yarışması

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Müsiad’ın Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesiyle ortaklaşa yaptığı ; Enerji konspetiyle yapılan 5. Biltronik yarışmasında birincilik ödülü
Mayıs 2013 İstanbul
SPIE Photonics Europe

SPIE Photonics Europe

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‘Yenilikçi SPR Handy’ tasarımı projesiyle SPIE Photonics Europe konferansı ‘Inovasyon Köyü’ etkinliğinde 2.lik Ödülü,
Nisan 2012, Brüksel.