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PCB Design

Exports about medical and optical sectors

Circuit Board Design

As Nanodev we offer you printed circuit board design services.

Our company have been design printed circuit board for ligting, biomedical and laser systems so far. We design our PCB’s based on CE standarts and already exported to several countries. As Nanodev, we want to offer you a services from basis to end end product. With the help of your guidance, we will design unique solutions for your project. You can find some of our design below:

  • 16 channel constant current LED Drivers
  • 8 channelconstant current LED Drivers
  • Constant Current Laser Systems
  • Automated temperature control system

We identify our roadmap for designing printed circuit boards:

  • Detailed information about your project will be clarified.
  • The exterior dimensions of the card is determined.
  • Appropriate components will be determined
  • Schematic diagram is prepared.
  • Prototype production is performed.
  • Several tests will be performed.
  • After the approval process, mass production will be performed.
  • All the cards will will be tested by quality control manager.
  • After the quality control process is finished, all the circuits will be delivered to you.
  • Analog, digital and hybrid circuit design
  • SMD, dip, etc. of materials card design
  • Specify the material and supply
  • Card manufacturing consultancy
  • Analysis of the production and test your hardware simulation
  • Circuit Design
  • Preparation of technical document and user guidance
  • CE qualification consultancy
  • Development of Appropriate Software
  • Sensor output
  • USB communication design
  • Algorithm consultancy
  • Real time systems
  • Communication equipment usage like USB, RS232, DMX
  • DC and stepper motor driver circuits



Lighting Systems

We provide PCB designWe can design and fabricate digital and/or analog control ligthing systems in accordance with the needs of your project.

LED Driver Circuits

LED dirver circuits can be designed

We can create unique solutions for project which can be constant current, constant voltage, multi-channel LED driver.

Embedded Solutions

embedded PBC

We can design and fabricate embbedded solutions for your projects for automated devices and services.

Medical Devices

We can design medical circuits

We can design PCB systems that meets CE criteria

Unique Design PCB

Unique PCB can be designed for your project

You can apply any PCB design especially for optical projects.

High Experience

As Nanodev Scientific, we have obtained high experince for electronic card design especially in medical and optical field. We are offering you this experience to provide unique solutions for your project

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