Optoelectronic and Optomechanic Design

Nanodev company contains well educated and highly experienced people in optic field. We offer this capability to your services.
NanoDEV helps you to developed specialized opto-mechanic and opto-electronic systems, offers engineering, ARGE and manufacturing services. This services specifically developed for academical studies. We will help you to combine two different techniques and developed a new systems that is needed for your studies. We can offer you help in R&D, manufacturing, engineering areas.
We specifically design our services options for academical purpose. You can create a unique optical system that meets your dreams.We offer a newly design optical systems that contain two different technique and/or systems.
Here is a list that we already manifacture:

  • Hyperspectral Microscopy
  • Raman integrated Hyperspectral Systems
  • Flourescence integrated Raman Microscopy
  • Confocal Attachment