Optical Device Design and Production Service

High Experience and knowledge

Several PhD level optical engineer are employed in our company.


Industrial Design

We have experinece on both academical and industrial optical devices.

Interdisciplinary Employment

We serve you with our interdisciplinary employee.

Sectoral Device Development

Food, medical, mechanical control, etc. industry-specific optical device is being developed.

Optoelectronic and Optomechanic Design

Nanodev company contains well educated and highly experienced people in optic field. We offer this capability to your services.
NanoDEV helps you to developed specialized opto-mechanic and opto-electronic systems, offers engineering, ARGE and manufacturing services. This services specifically developed for academical studies. We will help you to combine two different techniques and developed a new systems that is needed for your studies. We can offer you help in R&D, manufacturing, engineering areas.
We specifically design our services options for academical purpose. You can create a unique optical system that meets your dreams.We offer a newly design optical systems that contain two different technique and/or systems.
Here is a list that we already manifacture:

  • Hyperspectral Microscopy
  • Raman integrated Hyperspectral Systems
  • Flourescence integrated Raman Microscopy
  • Confocal Attachment
You can apply us for the design of any optical instrument.

you can contact us for any type of microscopy and related areas.

In Opto-mechanical sector, microscope is undoubtedly the first comes to mind. Thanks to microscope, we can magnify an object 100 times. In addition, thanks to some dying agents like fluorescence and the appropriate lighting, the location of the molecules can be visualized by confocal and fluorescence microscopy.

Material Analysis

We can design unique systems for the analysis of biological and chemical molecules.

Opto-mechanic and opto-eelctronic systems can be used to analyze organic materials like foods, inorganic materials like plastics.
FT-IR, Raman spectroscopy are examples for analysis applications.

Laser Systems

You can contact with us for optical insrument design.

Several Lens systems are needed to target laser ligth in one spot. For this reason some optomechanic pieces like lens, collimator, splitter Bu amaçla lens kolimatör splitter has need to be constructed on instrument.


We can design optical systems for telecommunications.

Optics is not just based on visible wavelength. optic science is also include non-visible wavelength such as microwave, radiowave. Mobile phones frequency is also another area in optics. Unique design optomechanical and optoelectronic equipment is used in comminications.


we can design lens system for cameras.

Protable devices is another important examples for opto-mechanic and opto-electronic systems. In portable systems such as cell phone or tablet camera systems have unique design sensor and lens system to enhance photograph or video colours.

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