Medical Device Design Service

The importance of biomedical devices and instruments is increasing day by day. In recent years, significant advances has been established in recent years and perspectives about human health has changed dramatically. This ends up with increases in the quality of human life.
Biomedical devices used in our country usually imported from abroad and this affects the sector’s exports and production volume remains negatively. The foremost reasons for this related to the production of biomedical devices is the lack of adequate manpower. Biomedical device technology is based on interdisciplinary studies between computer, electrical and electronics, chemistry, physics, materials science and biotechnology. One of the most important causes for low manufacturing of biomedical devices is experienced people in related science cannot be met.

As NanoDEV, we are highly experienced in biomedical related areas and we have adequate equipment and manpower to implement these knowledge in biomedical science. For the development of biomedical industry, we want to share our interdisciplinary knowledge and determine a beneficial roadmap.