Litography System

Afforadable Price

We design the litography system based on affordability

Rapid Prototoyping

You can manufacture your micro-channel within two minutes

Ease of Use

You can easily use our devices without expert

Litography System

As NanoDEV we offer you novel design photolitography devices.
Photolithography basically can be called to create fonts and shapes with light. Desired shape passed on silicon wafer with using special design mask. At this step, photoresist materials which is faced with ligth dissolved whereas photoresist materials which is not faced with ligth remained. Photolitography process is one the core technique in semiconductor technology.
Our novel product is based on photolitography technique that is used by many semiconductor firm. At lab scale, our product is one of the fastest easiest and cheapest technique. You can form your desired shape within a minute without necessity to form expensive mask.

Litography process can be used in these sectors

 circuits micro fluidics printed circuit board
CircuitsMicro-fluidic ChannelsPrinted circuit board
fotolitografinin temel çalışma prensibi



  • Resolution t : 2.5-100 mikron
  • Application Area :1-20 cm
  • Do not include automatic alingment
  • 64 Bit Software
  • Adjustable Lens System
  • You can produce your drawings within two second
  • Metal Body


Affordable Price

This litography system is desisgned for affordable prices.

Rapid Prototyping

You can manufacture your micro-channels within two seconds. Our system is based photolitography methods.

You can manufacture your drawing easily and quickly

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