Adjustable Constant Current Laser System

Adjustable Power

You can easily adjust laser power

Low voltage Constant Current

Works with low voltage and constant current.

Adjustable ms duration-interval

You can adjust ms duration and ms interval values

Continuous-Pulsed Laser Mode

Our system can work as both continuous and pulse

Where Adjustable Constant Current Lasers Used

Laser is a unique device that amplify light with stimulated emission of radiation. The output of laser is coherent electromagnetic field which means, all the waves have the same frequency and phase. There have been many kinds of lasers that can be work in 200-1400 nm spectrum range specifically. Constant current and low voltage laser systems can be used especially in medical applications. Epilation, hair removal, IVF, face lift and vessel burn applications are some examples of usage area.

laser epilationtup-bebek2 Face Lift Vessel Burn
 Epilation IVF Face Lift Vessel Burn

As Nanodev, we are offering you unique adjustable and constant current laser systems.

In our systems, all of the necessary functions can be modulated. In order to minimize the work-related accident risk, the lasers must be operated at low voltage. Another important point is the constant current. It will not only raise the lifetime of laser but also eliminate the fluctuations risk related with the variable electrical current.


  • Continuous Operation
  • Pulse operation
  • Low Voltage
  • High Current
  • Adjustable Power
  • Adjustable ms duration
  • Adjustable ms interval

Continuous – Pulse Operation Feature

We have developed a systems, which can be work with low voltage high constant current. This system two different operational mode:

  • Continuous Operation
  • Pulse operation
Medical Applications

With our system a laser can be used under the constant current and low voltage. In addition this feature, you can easily adjust the power.

  • Low Voltage
  • High Current
  • Adjustable Laser Power
Adjustable ms duration ve  ms interval

You can have full control over the applications time intervals. You can easily change the parameters located below.

  • ms duration
  • ms interval

Variable Laser Feature

You can use our systems in medical sector. You can use different laser type (YAG, CO2, YAG) in our system.

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